Mobile Storage Units – Combining Convenience, Security and Timeliness in Burlington

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mobile storage

In the past, if you had a lot of belongings and not enough room to store all of them, you had to drive to the local storage shed, sign a one year contract for storage space, bribe a friend with pizza and beer for the use of their truck, and hire a few energetic young men for loading and unloading purposes. Not only could it be frustrating and time-consuming coordinating activities and moving everything safely, but there were very few options if you had a unique storage need. All of that has changed in the last few decades. Mobile storage in Burlington has answered your unmet needs. These mobile storage options are storage pods or units that can be as small as a refrigerator box or as big as a 40 ft shipping container, but are delivered to your location.

Is this a Safe Option?

There is no need to worry when it comes mobile storage in Burlington. After delivery of the storage unit to the customer’s location, the customer loads the storage container according to their needs and schedule. He/she then locks the container and the service provider comes back to the customer’s location, picks up the loaded container and takes it back to a secure warehouse. Whenever you want to access the container, you can just visit the warehouse or have the container redelivered to your location. Many of these containers have multiple locking mechanisms. Often times, there’s a secure lockbox, a heavy-duty locking arm, alarm systems, and even video options for the customer’s protection.

On the other hand, since these mobile storage containers aren’t in an climate-controlled area, they are usually created with heavy duty steel and reinforced doors, edges, and roofs. This enables them to withstand all kinds of weather. However, just like a mobile classroom can have an HVAC system, mobile storage units can also be equipped with climate control features, which are enough to meet your needs for insulation and temperature control.


Not many storage companies offer the option to have mobile storage because they would rather tell you to transport your goods to their facility or maybe use their truck to get your belongings there. Depending on your location, you might prefer if a facility had mobile storage as an option for your self-storage needs. This is because you might be living in an area where having a car isn’t practical, so you might not have a way to get your belongings to the storage facility. This is where mobile storage in Oakville comes into good use. The company will bring out as many different mobile storage units as you need.

Where is it going?

Many people are yet to embrace mobile storage. Emerging on the market about twenty years ago, customers are not aware of the advantages of this new and innovative alternative to traditional storage. And this isn’t unusual. Any product or service must face some challenges during its early development. Lack of customer awareness is probably the main concern, here. Many customers believe mobile storage in Oakville offers the ultimate convenience, which is an increasingly popular attribute in today’s fast paced world. With mobile storage, customers now have more options relating to convenience, security, and timeliness. And the cost is not always that much higher either. The stiff competition among service providers keeps the prices within acceptable levels.

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