Piping, Valves, Flowline and Manifold Products and Services in Texas

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If you are in the mining or oil and gas production sectors, you definitely understand how critical it is to have fully-functional systems with all the fluids, liquids and debris flowing safely, and efficiently without posing any risks to the staff, other people or even the environment. For this to be achieved, you need to ensure that you have the best quality and properly installed piping, valves, flow-line, and manifold products.

Piping, Valves, Flowline and Manifold Products & Services in Texas

If you are based in or are working in Texas and you are in need of good quality unionized piping, manifold systems or any related products and services, you will find companies that have specialized in providing these things. These companies are renowned for providing the best solutions for flow-back and clean-up, production testing, hydraulic fracturing, well stimulation and intervention. They also offer topnotch solutions for cementing, well control, acidizing, coiled tubing, as well as underbalanced drilling. Whether you are searching for the best quality wellhead manifold system or junk catcher in Texas, these companies can help. They offer:

  1. Flow Control Manifolds

These experts usually deal with great quality flow control manifold systems, which are comprised of high pressure valves and the associated piping. This usually includes adjustable or positive chokes, which are specifically arranged in such a way that when one choke is taken out for repair or refurbishment, the well-flow can be directed through the remaining one. Furthermore, their manifold systems enable the technicians or well-operators to easily control the gas or fluid flow rate through the wellheads with ease. If you are looking for the best quality wellhead manifold system for your oil or gas drilling project, these experts can help.

  1. Debris Catchers

If you would like to purchase the best quality junk catcher in Texas, these companies can also help with this. This is a special part of the equipment, which is installed close to the wellhead. The catcher helps to collect and isolate the unwanted debris whenever it flows up and out of the well-head. With the debris catcher properly installed, the operator can easily capture the debris for proper disposal, hence keeping it from damaging your machinery, instrumentation or other wellhead components. With it in place, you will not need to shut the well down in order to clean the debris.

  1. Low Torque Plug Valves

These experts have also specialized in supplying Low Torque plug valves that are uniquely engineered to offer the best performance, even in the most severe temperature and pressure applications. These valves have a unique bottom-entry design, which allows for easier maintenance while their replaceable wear inserts enable the valves to be used even in extremely abrasive environments.

Other products that are offered by these companies include swivel joints, plug, choke, and ball valves. Others include integrates fillings and blanking caps, crossovers or flange adapters, as well as pup joints and data headers. The experts at these companies have also specialized in providing a wide range or related services, including magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, visual testing, penetrant testing, API 570 inspections, as well as certified welding inspection. So, whether you are searching for the best quality wellhead manifold, or junk catcher in Texas, these companies can help.

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