Registry Services Offered in Calgary

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Whether you want to incorporate a company, search for the lien against a certain property, renew your driving license or your vehicle’s license plate, the whole process can be lengthy, cumbersome and expensive. Fortunately, there are companies that are committed to providing reliable registry services for different kinds of clients. Furthermore, these companies are always staffed with courteous and friendly staff who will offer you the best customer service.

Registry Services Offered in Calgary

If you are in Calgary and you want to register a vehicle, obtain a marriage license, search for your trade name or even change your legal name, you will find companies that have specialized in offering a wide range of registry services. Furthermore, their courteous and friendly staff always strive to make your entire experience both simple and efficient. Whether you are looking for a land titles office, or you want to go for a driving test in Calgary, these experts can help. Their services include:

  1. Corporate Registry Services

If you would like to launch your own non-profit organization, society or corporate entity, the experts at these companies can assist you to register and even incorporate your business. Their agents will offer you guidance through the entire incorporation process, including the mandatory business name searches. They have particularly specialized in incorporating:

  1. a) Corporative
  2. b) Non-profit companies
  3. c) Extra-provision corporations and
  4. d) Society incorporations
  5. Motor Vehicles and Driving Licenses

The process of registering a new vehicle or renewing your driving license can be notoriously complicated. Luckily, the diligent staff at these companies have specialized in providing a wide range of related services, including:

  1. a) First application of the operator license
  2. b) Renewing an operator license
  3. c) Replacing a lost or stolen operator license
  4. d) Exchanging a non-Alberta operator license and
  5. e) Changing of address for an operator license

These experts are also renowned for providing reliable vehicle registration services and they can also take you through a comprehensive driving test in Calgary.

  1. Land Titles

If you are searching for a reputable office for land titles in Calgary, these experts can help you to obtain the information and documentation requirements. They can perform very comprehensive title searches and ultimately provide you with the information on the certified copies of titles and historical titles. Such information can be very useful in helping you find information on the property owners, mortgages, as well as surface and mineral rights, among other things.

  1. Personal Property Registry

These experts have also specialized in providing topnotch personal property searches and registration services. They normally offer searches by individual or business debtor names, registration number, serial number, distribution seizure. On the other hand, they also offer registration of security agreements, court orders, attachment orders, land charges, statutory charges, matrimonial property orders, maintenance orders, as well as discharges, amendments and renewals.

These experts have also specialized in providing healthcare plans and vital statistics services. The best thing is that their services are just a phone call away and you do not need to waste time queuing at numerous government offices in order to receive registry services. So, whether you are planning to visit a land titles office, or you want to go for a driving test in Calgary, these experts are able to help.

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