Workers Unions in Winnipeg

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Whether you work in the retail, healthcare, food processing, security, garment or transportation industries, joining a workers union can help with ensuring that your rights and privileges as an employee are respected and fully protected. Fortunately, there are numerous well-established workers unions that are dedicated to championing the rights of their members. For instance, these unions are always at the forefront of ensuring that their members receive better pay, work under safe and healthy conditions and enjoy job security, among other benefits.

Workers Unions in Winnipeg

If you are a private sector or public sector employee based in Winnipeg, you will find reputable workers unions that have specialized in helping their members address a wide range of issues in their workplaces. These unions have committed union representatives who are always ready to visit the union members at their respective workplaces in order to get to take note of the union member’s grievances and make sure appropriate measures are taken. Whether you would like to join a teacher’s union, or a supermarket union, you will always find one that will suit you best. Furthermore, these unions also offer a number of training programs, such as union steward training in Winnipeg. Some of the benefits of joining a union include:

  1. Job Security: If you are always worried about the unexplained layoffs at your workplace, it may be time for you to join a union. Ideally, the union is able to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement in order to protect its members against unjustifiable layoffs and unfair dismissals.
  2. Fair Wages: If you feel that you are not getting fair remuneration for your kind of work, a good union will fight to ensure that you get what you rightfully deserve. The union representatives will help in the negotiations with your employer to ensure that you receive proper payment for your part-time or full-time work, overtime, night shifts, as well as premium pay.
  3. Dental Plan: The union will also endeavour to ensure that the members are covered by a comprehensive dental plan. For this, the employer usually pays standard premiums for the basic dental care, orthodontics, as well as major dental bills.
  4. Drug Prescription Payments: Most people rely on provincial drug coverage when it comes to paying for prescription drugs. Unfortunately, this plan does not always pay for all prescription drugs. In such cases, the union may negotiate with the employer for them to pay for the drugs that are not covered by the plan, under an employer-funded plan.
  5. Pension Plan: These unions also have comprehensive pension plans covering different types of employees, and all these plans are fully paid by the employers. The best thing is that their plans are based on the hours worked, rather than the hourly wage, hence both well-paid and minimum-wage workers are able to benefit.

Other types of benefits that are negotiated by these unions include maternity leave, seniority benefits, meal and rest periods, sick days, semi-private hospital accommodation, as well as short and long term disability payments. So, whether you are seeking a good driver’s union, nurses’ union, supermarket union or one that offers the best union steward training in Winnipeg, you will not have to look far.

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