Mapping and Surveying Services Offered in Calgary

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Whether you are in the oil and gas, construction or mining industries, or you are working on a land development, government or a utility installation project, you are bound to require professional surveying services at some point. Luckily, there are some companies that are actually dedicated to providing a range of mapping and surveying services. They provide multi-disciplinary survey, geomatics and mapping services to the municipal, construction and gas and oil sectors.

Mapping and Surveying Services Offered in Calgary If you are in Calgary and looking for professionals to provide you with quality mapping or surveying services, you will find reputable companies that can assist. These companies have qualified support personnel, land surveyors, GIS technicians, professional engineers, photogrammetrists, software specialists, drafting technicians, cartographers, survey technicians and hydrographers who have hands-on experience providing these services. If your project involves the drafting of aerial maps in Calgary and you need the best land surveyor in Calgary to help you out, these experts can assist you. Their services cover:

1. Construction Projects These experts boast of enormous experience in handling construction projects, ranging from large scale industrial and commercial projects to bridges and roads. They offer a range of construction surveys that cover all the phases of the construction project right from the initial layout up to the final product.

2. Oil and Gas Industry These companies also have adequate experience in working with the gas and oil industry. Their projects include horizontal drilling, oil sands exploration, terminal development and pipeline projects. They offer a range of survey services covering all phases of development and exploration, from the desktop studies and initial mapping to well-site surveys and final plans.

3. Land Development Their experience with land development ranges from condominium and subdivision developments to large scale commercial projects. They also provide legal surveys needed for land title registration. This helps in establishing the location of the real property boundaries and man-made or natural features, for public sector/government agencies and even private companies. The state of the art tools and proprietary software implemented by these companies provides their customers with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

4. The Mining Industry These surveying and mapping companies also have experience in providing multi-industry geomatics and survey services to companies in the mining industry in Calgary and beyond. Their services range from mapping for exploration projects to acquiring aerial photos, and aerial maps in Calgary. Their services also cover production and construction surveys for open-pit mines, detailed topographical surveys and underground surveys for bathymetry surveys and conveyor systems for mine development.

5. Government Projects These experts are also known to provide multi-disciplinary survey, as well as geomatics services to regional, national and local governments, among other government organizations. These projects range from public land dispositions and legal surveys to comprehensive land claims. They also produce orthophotos for many municipalities, as well as land ownership websites and municipal development maps.

6. Utilities These companies also provide survey support, particularly for utility projects like major transmission lines. Their services range from aerial photography acquisition, scouting and mapping to supporting routine analysis and topographic surveys, as well as staking and flagging. along with construction support for substations and power lines.

These companies in Calgary are also committed to ensuring the highest standards of excellence in safety and health processes, which protects the environment, property, families, employees, as well as the general public. With dedicated software specialists and IT experts, these companies are always developing innovative solutions for carrying out their projects. They can provide you with an expert land surveyor in Calgary to help you with the drafting of aerial maps in Calgary.

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