Why You Should Get a Written Contract When Hiring a Contractor for Roof Repair in Burlington

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When you want to repair a roof, the first thing that comes to mind is finding the right roofing company. You need a contractor that will deliver the best results, and fully meet your expectations. Because of this, most people invest a lot of time in their search for a contractor that does roofing repair in Burlington. However, they often overlook one important factor, which is getting a written contract. If there is nothing that shows the agreement reached between the client and the contractor, there will be a lot of loopholes that can lead to various disputes. The following are the reasons why the contract should be written:

It is legally binding

You need a document that you can refer to in case of any disputes. If your contractor fails to meet their end of the bargain, and you have to look for legal solutions, you will have to provide evidence that there was an agreement between the two of you. However, this will be almost impossible if you only entered into a verbal agreement with the contractor. If you encounter any problems when repairing roofs in Burlington, and you decide to take legal action, everyone involved will want to know exactly what you agreed on, and the proof of this will be contained in a written agreement.

It shows how much you will have to pay, and what you will be paying for

A written contract indicates every item that needs to be replaced during roof repair in Burlington. It shows a breakdown of every aspect of the project and therefore, you can easily see what you will be paying for. It makes it easy for you to create the right budget so that you do not run out of funds before the project is completed. Before you put your signature to it, make sure that you have read through all the quoted items, and verified the prices.

It indicates who will pay for additional costs

Any person who has managed a roof repair project knows that there will almost always be unanticipated costs that emerge when the project is ongoing. It is important to be clear from the onset who will be paying for this. You need to agree with the contractor so that they factor it into their estimates. By doing this, you avoid the possibility of having to use money that you had not planned to spend. However, it also is the responsibility of the company to do a thorough inspection before giving you quotes for roofs in Burlington. They should ensure that they have taken into account all the considerations in order to minimize the amount likely to be spent on additional costs.


A contract does not need to be a very complicated document. As long as there are two parties and their witnesses, you are good to go. However, if you are not sure of exactly what to do, you should involve the services of a professional with knowledge of the laws that relate to roof repair in Burlington. Do not leave room for any mistakes in the contract even if you are a total novice.


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