Commercial Property Tax Appeals in Ontario

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In recent years, Ontario’s property tax legislation has significantly been changed to streamline property tax assessment processes. However, since property tax assessments are typically based on municipally-assessed property values, property owners can end up being issued huge tax bills. Unfortunately, if assessment errors are not corrected on time, they can seriously impact future tax rates on your property.

property tax appeal service

If you are not satisfied with your commercial property tax assessment, it is possible to file an appeal and get it changed. You just need to submit the request for reconsideration to Ontario’s Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, otherwise known as MPAC. If you need any kind of property tax appeal service in Ontario, there are renowned property tax consultants that can offer you the professional assistance you need.


The Property Assessment Process


Because of their vast experience in the assessment appeal process, their property tax appeals are usually settled by simply negotiating with the relevant assessment departments. However, in cases where the issue needs to be taken through the legal system, the experts will normally employ a 3-stage process that involves:


  1. Assessment Audit


Here, they will review your property’s tax assessment while comparing it with many other property assessments, as well as the costing manuals that are employed by the assessor. Once this is done, the tax consultants will then give you feedback with a detailed analysis of assessment calculations detailing their estimate of what the correct property assessment should be, estimated tax savings, the best course of action to take, the probability of success and the associated cost. If there are genuine grounds for appealing your property’s tax assessment, the consultants will then take you through the next stage.


  1. Negotiation


If you would like them to proceed with conducting the tax appeal, they will prepare a comprehensive position paper and ultimately start negotiations with the assessor. This often yields great results. However, if they are not able to reach any satisfactory settlement, they will report back to you, detailing their recommended course of action, chances of success and the associated cost for moving to the next step of the appeal process.


  1. The Assessment Appeal Board


In this stage, the tax consultants will represent you before Ontario’s Assessment Appeal, where they will argue your case using substantial evidence. You might not need any legal counsel unless the case is being brought before Ontario’s Assessment Review Board. Although they may advise you on the best course of action, the decision of whether to go on to the next stage rests entirely with you as their client. However, this must always be weighed against the chances of winning the case, potential tax savings and the costs involved. Because of their expertise in commercial property tax appeals, you can count on them to provide you with the services you need.


The best thing about these tax consulting firms is that their teams are usually comprised of rigorously trained property tax experts with passion and experience in their respective areas of practice. They will not relent until the best possible results have been achieved. If you are in need ofa property tax appeal service in Ontario, then these property tax consulting professionals can help.

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