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Common Custom Sauna Mistakes To Avoid in Bolton

The internet is flooded with sauna articles. But unfortunately, most of these articles are churned out by writers without a solid understanding of saunas. To write valuable pieces on custom saunas, the writer needs to have experience and knowledge on saunas. In this piece, knowledge and experience of saunas will shine.

If you are considering having a custom sauna installed in your home, understanding the common mistakes that are often made will help you achieve success faster. With that said, below are some common sauna mistakes to avoid.

Do not purchase an infrared for outdoors

Infrared saunas work perfectly under normal indoor temperatures or outdoors during summer. However, they do not work outside in the cold of winter. If the salesperson claims anything different and you are tempted to make a purchase, ensure you get a money-back guarantee from the seller. But chances are the infrared sauna will give in to the cold winter weather.

Choosing the wrong size

Outdoor custom saunas in Bolton come in different sizes. Many people prefer building a sauna that uses up 100 square feet. In most areas, building anything less than 100 square feet means you won’t have to get a building permit. However, it is important to verify this fact with your local authorities before getting started. Usually, an 8’ by 12’ building is perfect for a sauna, complete with space to store wood and a changing room. The 8’ by 12’ space is perfectly proportioned. It is both small and economical.

Do not install a GFCI on the electric sauna heaters

Yes, installing a GFCI or a GFI on the circuit of your sauna heaters is a no-no. After all, the installation is not a requirement. The installation is not recommended since the GFI will trip every time you pour some water on the sauna stones. So if you think about it, by skipping its installation, you are saving yourself hassle and money.

Bad sauna lights

For lights, it’s recommended that you use the two wall light fixture. Use the heavy duty fixtures with gaskets designed for surface mounting. With the two lights, you will have sufficient lighting in your sauna room. But if it’s too bright for you, you can always use a dimmer to adjust the light intensity. Do not even consider the installation of ceiling pot lights. You see, ceiling pot lights require you not to insulate around them to keep them from overheating. But on the flip side, sauna rooms need their ceilings to be properly insulated so the two don’t mix. If you do install ceiling pot lights, you will be spending a lot on the electricity bill as a result of lost heat in the sauna.

If you’re not on the grid, you can set an oil lamp on the sauna window. If you build an 8’ by 12’ sauna room (inclusive of the dressing room), the oil lamp will provide sufficient lighting for both rooms.


Custom saunas in Bolton are becoming quite common. But even so, as a homeowner, you need to tread carefully, especially with the sauna expert you contract to handle the building of your sauna. Ensure that the company is reputable and has a solid track record. Also, keep a keen eye on the project to ensure the above mistakes are not committed during the project.

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