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Equipment Rentals in Grande Prairie

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or a contractor, there is certain equipment you might need from time to time. Unfortunately, some of the equipment may be too expensive for you to own by yourself. In such cases, you may need to rent the equipment for a specified period of time. The option is cost-effective and quite convenient. Fortunately, there are various companies that have specialized in offering equipment rentals for different applications.

Equipment Rentals in Grande Prairie

If you are based in Grande Prairie, you can find reputable companies that are renowned for offering reliable equipment rentals in Grande Prairie, for different residential, commercial and industrial applications. The specialists at these companies normally keep the equipment well-maintained and in the best working condition. This helps in ensuring that your job or project runs smoothly without equipment-related hitches. Their rental services may encompass:

  1. Modular Camps

It is a fact that happy employees are productive employees. This is particularly important for oilfield work and other industrial jobs. In any case, it is much easier for workers to focus on their work when they are living closer to the work site. Fortunately, these companies do offer camp-trailer rentals to help keep the employees happy and satisfied. They offer comfortable accommodation for different industrial workers. Their spacious camps are equipped with a range of useful amenities, which may include:

  1. Flat-screen living area TVs
  2. DVD players

III. Pillow top mattresses

  1. Washers and dryers
  2. Satellite televisions
  3. Trailer & Oilfield Equipment Rentals

When people are working and living at the work sites, away from their homes, they might get stressed, which can significantly impact their morale and productivity. To minimize the homesickness and stress, these companies normally offer flexible, comfortable and durable on-site trailers for different applications. Their trailers can be used as quarters for management, for office space or general living. Moreover, if you need special accommodations, they can also offer you the right solution. Their trailers have:

  1. Home entertainment technology, like stereo systems, Televisions and DVD players
  2. Premium-quality dining areas and kitchens

III. Modern & relaxing living spaces

  1. Central air conditioning and heating systems
  2. Drilling Control Centers

The specialists also offer well-equipped drilling control centers containing everything you might need to coordinate your field operations, without sacrificing your comfort. They come with high quality amenities like bathroom areas, kitchens, air conditioning units and well-appointed furnishings. These centers will make you feel like you brought your home to the job site.

  1. Geo Lab Trailers

Oil fields normally present very unique challenges to different employees. This is even harder for geologists, who work in very difficult circumstances. These companies do offer reliable working shelters or labs that are equipped with comfortable and functional amenities. They normally rent mobile labs to companies in oil and gas industries. They offer premium equipment and services which help to improve remote work sites. Moreover, their trailers are spacious, comfortable and well-equipped.

  1. Equipment Rentals

Remote work sites do have many needs that go beyond the employees’ accommodations. These companies normally supply a wide assortment of reliable heavy-duty equipment that is usually quite affordable. This is especially convenient for remote and temporary projects. This equipment may include wheel loaders, forklifts, crawlers and excavators, among other things.

Renting equipment for your remote or temporary project is a very cost-effective option, compared to purchasing. Moreover, some equipment is quite expensive and bulky, requiring a lot of space to store. The renting option will also save you the maintenance and transportation costs. If you are in Canada, you can find companies that offer reliable equipment rentals in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas.

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