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Funeral Planning: Making Smart Decisions and Arrangements in Toronto

No one likes to talk about death, or funerals for that matter. However, at some point in your life you will shuffle off the mortal coil and you’ll eventually need a funeral. Thankfully, you can make everything easier for your family members by planning a good send-off that effectively relieves your family of the emotional and financial load by resorting to professional funeral planning in Toronto. For some people, it might seem a little creepy – death-obsessed prepping. But, since you will have to plan a funeral or memorial service for a loved one at some point, it is important that you discover how you can make smart decisions through funeral planning.

Funeral Planning in Toronto

If you would like to plan a successful funeral, then you need to be familiar with the processes involved. Note that three general components are involved, including the preparation of the corpse, conducting a ceremony, and holding an interment. You have many options, with the most common being cremation or embalming. To begin with, you need to determine whether you prefer a service at the funeral home or a graveside service, including who will be present at the funeral.

No matter your needs, a funeral home can help by guiding you through every step of the way. You can get help choosing between a traditional burial and cremation services, designing the celebration of life or religious ceremony, and making decisions with regard to cemetery property.


Cremation services present the option of entombment or earth burial. The cremation process reduces remains to ashes and bone fragments by the application of intense heat. The process takes approximately three hours and the remains are processed further into a finer form and placed in a container. The preferred container is an urn, which is typically used for the final entombment or burial of the cremated remains.

Cremation Vs Burial: Cost Implications

Whether you are considering burial or cremation, you are bound to discover that the costs vary widely and depend on the products or services you select. Similar services can be requested for earth burials or entombments, as with cremation services. These include the preparation (embalming), visitation, religious rites, receptions, gatherings, and music. If there is a wish to bury the urn, it is typical for graveside services to be held in the same way as earth burials. On the other hand, if there is a wish or desire to scatter the cremated the remains, it may be imperative to plan a memorial service during the scattering of the ashes.

When you compare similar services, you quickly discover that the cost differences are minimal. Therefore, if you would like to get a good idea of the costs involved, it is advisable that you compare all costs.

Each life lived is unique and like no other. Milestone moments, legacies, and passions created weave together beautifully to tell a unique story. By appointing the right funeral home, you get guidance on cremation services and funeral planning in Toronto regardless of your specific desires and needs. Memorial and funeral homes guide you through creative, inspirational ideas and provide simple steps to help you plan an unforgettable funeral or memorial of your loved one’s life, or even your own.

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