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Great Solutions to Common Washing Machine and Dishwasher Problems in Winnipeg

Home appliances help make our jobs much easier. It’s hard to think about what you would do without a dishwasher or washing machine in Winnipeg.

This article will help you figure out some of the repairs you can troubleshoot on your own and how to do it and those times when you should call a professional specialist to handle it for you.

Washing Machine

Whether you are using a front loader or a top loader machine, here are some quick solutions you can try in the event of a problem.

  1. The machine won’t turn on

Check that your machine is getting power. Try to check the outlet voltage using a multimeter device. If no electricity is flowing into the washer, check the electric panel for any sign of the circuit breaker being tripped. If this is not the problem, turn the breaker off and call a good electrician to replace the outlet for you.

Some washers do not work if the lid is open. Ensure that the lid switch is closed at all times, and check to see that the switch is properly positioned before using the washer.

  1. Using the Wrong Washing Detergent

In case you use a top loader detergent in your front loader washer, stop the washing machine immediately and set the machine to drain the water. Using a front loader detergent in a top loader detergent is not catastrophic, but it could mean your clothes don’t get as clean as you would want them to.

  1. The washer door won’t unlock

This is a common problem found in front loader washing machines. Restarting the washer is the best option to fix the problem. Other methods can also be used. For example, check the locking mechanism and manually manipulating the system, running a short cycle and also checking the drainage hose for any clogs.

  1. The washer is leaking water

This could be due to clogged filters; the water inlet valve may have a leak which may require replacing, or perhaps the door seal on a front loader machine is filled with debris that may need to be cleared out or you may find the drain pump wearing out because of constant use, meaning it needs replacement.


  1. Washer not finishing the cycle

A washer may fail to finish its cycle if there is a problem with the timer. This may be due to corrosion that may cause the timer to fail or stall.

Dish Washer

There are several things that could go wrong with a dishwasher. Before you opt to get any professional dishwasher repair in Winnipeg done, here are a few problems that require quick fixes you can try first:

  1. Dishwasher cycle running too long

Before running a load of dishes in the dishwasher, turn on the kitchen tap to let the water heat up then turn on the washer.

  1. Dishes Come out Dirty

Avoid dish crowding to ensure efficient cleaning action. Also, rinse out the filters at the bottom of the washing machine often.

  1. Glassware and dishes have spots

Use a glass of vinegar or a rinse aid before you load up the machine to clean out calcium deposits on the inside of dishwasher water tanks.


Before you throw in the towel and decide to buy a new appliance, ensure you thoroughly check if your appliances need any dishwasher repair in Winnipeg or washing machine repairs to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

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