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A Guide to the Different Types of Industrial Lighting in Toronto

Light has a great effect on the productivity of employees in the workplace. The ability to see well plays a huge role in the quality of work plus the amount of productive hours workers put into the growth of companies. Poor lighting puts a strain on the eyes which directly affects employee performance. Poor lighting can result in eye illnesses and headaches, not to mention frequent accidents.

It goes without saying that in every part of an industry, ample lighting should be provided. In light of this, for good industrial lighting to be created, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the different types of lighting available on the market, as well as the operating conditions of an industry to determine which lighting is best suitable for different industries.

In this piece, we’ll discuss the different types of industrial lighting in Toronto and their benefits.Types of Industrial Lighting

  1. Metal Halide

Metal halide lights are quite common in various industries, though not as common as they used to be a few years ago. Metal halide lamps contain mercury, which is a harmful toxic substance that can result in deteriorating health. They have a short lifespan with a loud buzzing sound when turned on. Metal halide lights are considered inefficient in comparison to some other types of industrial lighting in Toronto, as we discuss below. Be that as it may, metal halide lights require little time to reach their optimal intensity which is a huge advantage in industries.

  1. LED Lamps

LED lamps from any LED lighting company are the most prominent industrial lighting fixtures available on the market. This lighting is known for its numerous benefits, energy efficiency and lack of heat when turned on. LED lamps are designed to convert a high amount of energy to light, hence making them quite efficient. Another advantage of LED lamps is that they contain zero trace of mercury, which means that employees do not have to worry about lethal lamp disposal. The only downside of getting bulbs from a Toronto LED lighting company is their hefty upfront price.

  1. High Output Fluorescent

The next lighting option on our list is the high output fluorescent, also known as the T-5 or T-8. This is an efficient type of lighting that reaches its maximum intensity within minutes of its usage, and has no loud sound associated with its operation. With all these advantages to offer, the T-5 lighting fixture helps improve the overall work performance of employees in the industry.

  1. Full Spectrum Industrial Lighting

This lighting is very popular in many offices. The light provided by the full spectrum industrial lighting is very close to natural light, which is good for the eyes. The full spectrum light gives direct light, which is good for employees working on computers for long periods of time.

  1. HID Lighting

High-intensity Discharge Lamps, abbreviated as HID, are a comparatively efficient light source in industrial areas. HID lighting has the potential to produce high amounts of light with the ability to reach maximum intensity within a short period. Thanks to their generous amounts of light, HID lighting is mainly used for outdoors to light up parking lots and driveways.


Truth be told, good lighting is an important factor in any industry, not only for the purpose of productivity, but also because workers need to assemble parts and operate machinery in a properly illuminated area.


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