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Oilfield Services and Rentals in Edson

In case you are involved in oil and gas exploration, then you will need specialized equipment and services in order to streamline your operations and make your project successful. However, even if you lack the right expertise or do not have enough money to purchase your own equipment, there are companies that normally offer oilfield services and rent out their equipment at very budget-friendly costs that you can afford.

Oilfield Services and Rentals in Edson

If you are a resident of Edson and are in dire need of different oilfield services and/or equipment rentals, there are companies that can actually meet and even exceed your needs and expectations. They have specialized trucks and equipment as well as experts that can help in ensuring that your oil exploration operations are successful. Whether you need a high performance bed truck in Edson, or you are looking for the best vacuum trucks in Edson, these companies can help. For instance, they normally offer:

  1. Vacuum Trucks

A vacuum truck is typically a tank truck designed with a tank and pump. The pump pneumatically sucks sludge, slurries, and liquids, among other things, from locations such as underground and into the tank of that truck. The aim is to enable easy transportation of these materials by road to a different location, such as a disposal site or treatment plant. Fortunately, these companies are renowned for offering some of the best vacuum trucks in Edson. Whether you need a tri-axle straight vacuum unit, a tri-axle combo vacuum truck, steam trucks or well-site trailers, these companies can meet your needs.

  1. Bed Trucks

If you need quality and reliable trucking and hauling in Edson, these companies can also help with this. They have numerous fleets of high-performance bed trucks that can handle even the toughest of all jobs. They have specifically been engineered to transport enormously massive cargo even in extremely rough terrain. Their bed trucks are particularly ideal for use in situations where ordinary tractors or trailers may not be a viable option. If you are looking for a good quality bed truck in Edson to meet your trucking or hauling needs, these companies can help.

  1. Equipment Rentals

Besides the different trucks, these companies are also renowned for delivering safe, efficient and high-performance solutions to a range of oilfields across Edson and the surrounding areas. They normally offer different specialty oilfield rental equipment, including:

a) Pipe racks

b) Grated steps

c) Light towers

d) Scissor lifts

e) Genie man lifts

f) Water well pumps

g) Rig matting

h) Heavy weight drill stem

i) High and low wall-shale bins

j) Flare stacks

k) Diesel wash guns

l) Fire extinguishers

m) Tanks

n) Floc tanks

o) Mini vacs

p) Texas camps

q) Geo shacks

You can also rely on these companies for the best construction equipment, gravel trucks, water well drilling services, winch trucks, steam trucks, as well as water trucks. They have top-of-the-line equipment that can be used for just about any oilfield operation. Whether you need a bed truck in Edson, or you are looking for a company that can offer you the best vacuum trucks in Edson, they have you fully covered.

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