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Useful Tips for Using Concrete Pavers for Your Patio in Langley

It’s good that you are agonizing over which patio paver to use. Why? Well, because the material you choose will set a tone for the design. It’s a big decision, but this piece makes it easier for you. While it does not review all patio paver materials available, it sheds some light on why concrete pavers are great and how you can use them to enhance your design.

But before we dive into that, concrete pavers are a popular option because they are versatile, durable and look great. However, how do you ensure your patio stands out from the many patios with concrete pavers? Below are some tips.


You should complement the architectural design you have selected with your style of pavers. Modern homes are known to emphasize on ordered geometric shapes and clean horizontal lines. For this, slate colouring and large slabs will do great. They will form a large and smooth plain. For traditional architecture, you are better off with brick styled pavers.


Bordering will help you pop the colour of your main pavers by providing complimentary tones or a refreshing contrast. For instance, clay, earthy and dark colours perfectly compliment a grey paver. On the other hand, pavers with a dark granite appearance work well with a silver tone. Strong borders could also allow you to incorporate different styles to create a visual interest and create some variation.

If your patio design has different areas for socializing, dining and cooking, you should consider breaking up the space by adding some type of bordering to provide some visual division. Bordering the walls can also accentuate the focal points of your space, including permanent seating, fireplaces and fire pits.


Adding some simple accents to the patio paving will help highlight some of its aspects. Implementing scattered colours that match those on your home’s exterior can highlight some features, like outdoor countertops and fireplaces, and blend them with the patio design. Other options include incorporating the roofing colours or furnishing colours to the patio pavers in Langley. The accents you choose could extend your home’s colour palette to the outdoor space and unite the hardscaping and garden colour themes.

Laying patterns

With the right laying pattern, you can add character to the patio and bring out the best side of the concrete paver. The laying pattern you choose depends on the type of patio paver you have for the patio, your patio’s size and the effect you are going for. For instance, a small space will be best with a laying pattern dominated by small pavers. A uniform grid pattern will create a sense of order and neatness and is perfect for homes with a traditional style. If you have a flowing and organic theme, a random laying pattern will work wonders for your patio.


Assuming you settle on concrete pavers for your patio, the above tips will help you make the patio stand out from all other patio pavers in Langley. Think of it like recreating a common design to suit your style and taste.

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