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4 Activities to Pick Up That are Healthy and Fun

When it comes to your activities or hobbies, are yours healthy?

There are significant benefits to picking up lessons at an Edmonton dance studio or doing yoga, as opposed to joining a local cigar club. Why not make sure that the extracurricular things that you do are not only fun, but healthy too?

We can always fit more healthy habits and activities into our lives. If you can take an extra half hour or hour out of your life and devote it to something healthy, as opposed to watching television or something sedentary or even smoking, it could prove to be a huge change in your life. It’s not about changing your life overnight; it’s about making choices in your life to pursue what enhances your overall sense of well being.

If you’re not feeling great and you don’t have your health, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank. It’s all about finding the balance in your life as well as the strength to maybe go after things that are healthier and minimize the place of other unhealthy hobbies in your life. Read on to find out more.

4 Activities to Pick Up That are Healthy and Fun

1. Dancing Lessons

Are you thinking about getting dancing lessons? There are so many types of dance that you can do – pick one or try them all! Ballroom dance is a great style of dance and many older adults find the pacing of it enjoyable. You can inquire about lessons at any ballroom dance school and see what they have available. An Edmonton dance studio or ballroom dance school will be able to accommodate you and you can see how you like it! Dancing is very healthy and it boosts mood, while dropping pants sizes for a trimmer and happier you!

2. Foraging in Nature

Go with a guide or a book and learn more about nature! It’s healthy to be out in the forest. Just always be sure that you are able to forage for the plants and that you always triple check and research any plant that you plan on eating, as there are many twins out there that can be poisonous (while others, like oyster mushrooms, have no poisonous lookalikes).

3. Gardening

Gardening is such a relaxing hobby to pick up, and the studies confirm it. Gardening is shown to lower blood pressure and help to promote a greater sense of well being. Blame the purpose, the sunshine, the fresh air, the beneficial bacteria being stirred up, the enjoy ability of it, or the fact that you’re growing your own fresh food: either way, gardening is good for you.

Plus, eating healthy and organic food from your own yard is really beneficial. Whether you do raised beds or plant in the soil, you can benefit a lot by gardening. You can give away extra vegetables to the people around you or just enjoy all your natural bounty!

4. Hiking

Hiking is very healthy and low impact on the joints, unlike running. It’s the perfect habit to pick up if you want to get healthier and work out, but don’t love the idea of sweating in a gym inside! Get outside and check some trails out near you – all you will need is a backpack, cell phone, hiking boots/all-sport sneakers, and a comfortable outfit that breathes (and maybe some bug spray, a hat, etc).

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